Dry Drayton Church of England (C) Primary School




Daily phonics lessons for EYFS and KS1 follow the 'Little Wandle’ scheme.  Phonics is all about learning to read by learning the sounds that are associated with letters and groups of letters in order to read and write.



We have a well-stocked library of books which have been levelled to link with phonics, initially in early years and key stage 1. Children then read books which are given a level according to ‘Accelerated Reader’, a system which children follow through a progression of books to develop their word reading and understanding of texts. They complete quizzes once a book is completed. The scheme includes a wealth of reading material, both fiction and non-fiction, inspiring and supporting them to learn to read for pleasure and knowledge. It enables them to become fluent, confident readers.

There is time every day at school for reading and we encourage children to read every night at home too. If you can set aside 15-20 minutes to hear your child read and discuss their book, this will enable them to make good progress and enjoy their reading.

Our ultimate goal is for the children to have a love of books and  to read for pleasure.