Dry Drayton Church of England (C) Primary School

For the children of Dry Drayton School

To the children of Dry Drayton Primary School


Dear children of Dry Drayton School,


We are sorry that we have had to close our lovely school, but it is because the Government want to make sure that you and your families keep well, so the best place for you to be is at home.

Now, we want you to have a happy time but we don’t want all the wonderful learning you have had to just disappear because you aren’t writing and practising your maths. So we have planned fun home lessons for you which include many different challenges for you to complete. There are websites for you to use and a new book for all of your fabulous work.

We will send out your work early next week. Please help your Mummy, Daddy or any other adult who is looking after you, by being good and finding some time each day to complete your school work. It is also important to have exercise and fresh air so there are some ideas for sport and you could even work out the perimeter of your garden and use this to complete Golden Miles.

Don’t forget that crazy dancing we all did together, it made us laugh and feel really happy. Make sure you do that from time to time and maybe you could record it on Seesaw!


You can share your work with your class teacher on Classdojo or Seesaw. I have asked them to check these twice a day, so please be patient as they will contact you. You can also message them this way if you are stuck.

We know you have been working really hard to reach your Bronze, Silver and Gold House point cards and we will find ways of helping you to achieve these.


Take this opportunity to learn some knew skills. Sew your seeds and look after the plants which grow. See how much food you can grow and then enjoy eating. Use your ukulele or recorder to play music. Look up how to learn the notes or chords. We could have an amazing concert when school is back.


So, take care, be good, work hard and then there will be time to have lots of fun! We will be thinking of you and miss you.


From all of the staff at school.